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WOLVERINE: Ghost of the Northern Forest (Extended Edition 52min)

(Extended Edition 52min)

Wolves of Labrador

The Labrador Wolf is one of the least studied wolves in the world. On Canada's rugged and beautiful northeast coast, wolves hunt the George River Caribou Herd.

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Photographed, Directed & Edited By: Andrew Manske | 16mm Film
© 2005

Le loup du Labrador est l'un des loups les moins étudiés au monde. Sur la magnifique et accidentée côte nord-est du Canada, les loups chassent le troupeau de caribous de la rivière George. 🇨🇦

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WOLVERINE: Ghost of the Northern Forest

  • Wolverine: Ghost of the Northern Forest | FR 🇨🇦

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    Wolverine: Ghost of the Northern Forest | Nature Documentary - Canada | French Edition
    Recounts the relentless five-year quest of Canadian wildlife filmmaker Andrew Manske to find and film one of the most legendary and elusive creatures on the planet, the wolverine.
    As seen on National Geographi...

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